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There are Only Two Ways to Get Clients for Your Online Therapy Practice

By Dr Greg Mulhauser, Managing Editor

It isn’t about traffic — there are plenty of ways to get traffic. It isn’t about networking — potential customers on the other side of the planet don’t care how many Facebook friends you have. If you want clients for your online therapy practice, then as far as I can tell there are only two ways to do it. This followup to yesterday’s note on how counsellors and therapists can be great marketers offers one take on the process, from someone who’s been there.

Private Practice Marketing: Can Therapists Be Great at It?

By Dr Greg Mulhauser, Managing Editor

When Mike Langlois recently offered his insights on Why Therapist Directories Are a Waste of Time, I found myself remembering some similar comments I’d made myself and thinking about the broader issue of therapist marketing. Here’s part one of some thoughts on DIY private practice marketing, with a special focus on online therapists. Next up: the question of how to get clients for an online therapy practice.

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