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    From news report it sounds as if he may have been taking performance enhancing drugs that could certainly be responsible for causing this kind of behavior.

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      A generous and less innocuous possibility offered here, but not one likely to be a sole explanation, if even a partial one. I believe time and ample fact-gathering will bring more history to bear and we will learn about behavior patterns that are longstanding but have yet to come to full light. Besides, this individual’s father would not have made the statements he did unless he was very familiar with his son’s character.

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    I saw something on t.v. a few nights ago showing Ted (nutjob) Nugent (sorry had to put that in there, just too tempting) spouting about how he has property and if ‘you come onto MY property, I’m gonna shoot (kill? he may have said) ya’.
    Not exact words but very close. He’s a prime example of one of these aggressive personality types who just seems to be lying in wait for someone to do SOMETHING wrong so he can shoot them. Like, he want’s to kill someone. All I can say is, I’m so glad there are scientists and researchers out there working to understand the human brain because my hope is that we will be able to pare down the violence if we can pinpoint the causes.

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      Thanks for the comment, Mary. And I most appreciate your insight into the “lying in wait” mentality of some of these personalities. It also explains why the “anger management” paradigm is so often inadequate with them. Loving to fight and praying for an opportunity to do so with some palatable justification is not the same as impulsively flying off the handle under duress. In fact, some of these folks only get mad when they encounter obstacles in their aggressive pursuits.

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    My first impression of this athlete after reading his tweet is he’s hypervigilant. But raised by a sports-obsessed parent (former NFL player Todd Marinovich participated in an HBO panel on the effects of being raised by sports-obsessed parents) your comment here resonates more than the possibility of hypervigilance:

    “Abhorrence of the subordinate or submissive position (i.e., hating to “lose”)”.

    Of everything you’ve written the concept and wisdom of “choose your battles” has helped me in my defensiveness and helped me communicate with type-A friends who would not take off their corporate “fighting” had and just connect with a friend over lunch.

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