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One Response to “Sex is Not One-Size-Fits-All”

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    Julie Luton

    Hmmmm. I guess maybe in theory an “open” relationship might work. But what about the General’s wife (about whom I know nothing)? What if SHE didn’t sign up for an open marriage and had remained monogamous throughout their marriage only to be “traded in” for a younger model? Does she get a say? What if he wanted an open marriage but she said no? What then?

    I agree with you that we should stop judging people and let them live their own lives (I also feel that way about abortion and gay marriage). I also agree that the media portrayal of this event has been shameful and stupid. As long as the general didn’t betray any secrets, then I don’t believe we should even know about this. It’s his wife’s business and not ours.

    But as a married person, I would be devastated if my husband looked elsewhere for sexual satisfaction. I would perceive it as an abuse of trust. I’m unclear how that feeling could be “negotiated” away, no matter his or my changing feelings on the topic.

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