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2 Responses to “Playing the Mother Card: Why We Need a Winning Hand”

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    Julie Luton

    I get so frustrated when women don’t vote for “family issues.” I don’t know any mothers who would choose poorer education for their children. I don’t know any mothers who don’t want healthy children through better healthcare and good food/air/water. I don’t know any mothers who would decide that spending less quality time with their children is a good thing.

    And yet. Here we are … with education funding spiraling downward, environmental controls eroding, healthcare destroying family finances and work hours out of control.

    So I agree with your post … let’s listen to what our politicians actually mean as opposed to what they’re saying and then vote as mothers for the good of our families.

    Let’s give ourselves the best Mother’s Day present ever … a healthy, happy family!

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    Judy Dixon, McKinney TX

    It occurs to me when I read this article that nothing has changed in 40 years. I worked in a four-person office in which I was an editor of technology manuals. The other three (men) wrote the manuals, and I edited them. One time my daughters were ill and I needed to take off to be with them. The boss said I could go if I would make up the hours on Saturday. I did that and sat uselessly there with nothing to do because no manuals needed editing! The other three workers had wives who cared for their children. The boss said that I had to make up the hours so that the others wouldn’t feel that I was getting favoritism.

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