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    A fairly large proportion of my clients seek counselling because of abuse in childhood, in an adult partnership, at work, or from a group they have joined. It never fails to amaze me at the strategies that are used to confound and manipulate people. I am glad you write about these topics because when people read about them as you present them, they can see that they are not crazy but being victimized. I often recommend the movie Gaslight to clients too.

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      Thanks, Sacha. The other very unfortunate thing is that many of the central tenets of traditional psychology paradigms that have long enjoyed widespread awareness and acceptance actually cause people to doubt their gut instincts about the motivations and actions of their abusers, thus inhibiting them from taking the proper corrective action. Our newer paradigms are just beginning to provide a more accurate understanding of the most irresponsible characters among us.

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    maureen edwards

    Thank you so much for this article. I was just divorced from a narcassist last month. I am very familiar with gaslighting. Like you said, I ignored my own gut. Was so confused all the time, couldnt trust my own judgement..still cant. It will take a long time to recover from what that man did to me.

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      You’re welcome. And although no one relishes in your ordeal, your courage to share it might prove quite helpful to others. So, thanks for the comments and all the best in your efforts to heal.

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      Maureen, learn all you can about Gaslighting, Psychopathy and Narcissism and remember to never blame yourself….THEY are ANTI SOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDERED *** and there is no cure for their personality disorder..maybe only improvement if they didn’t substance abuse…when you recognise all the traits of a narcissistic psychopath and relate it to your own experience, you will realise it is them that is the crazy one, yet they will do all they can to make you look like you are the crazy one…everything they do is anti social, they are liars and manipulators and the fraud and fool you…once your educated and see it in your partner, you will feel empowered….it may not change your circumstances but education will make you stronger and less blaming as a person….I say when you can get your power of strength and character back, that the Narcissist depleted and stole from you….EXPOSE THE *** and the disorder for what they are….so much of society, especially the law have got NO IDEA that a psycopath is 1 in 100 and that they live amongst us as a wolf in sheeps clothing….

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    No one understands the experience unless they have been in a relationship with one…Mine lived with me for 23 years, used me, hid within our family, let us work and support his career, then he went off with all the SUPERANNUATION retirement money and chased and random women, asking some to marry him…he has abandoned our two children and abandoned his first child..they are substance abusers and drug addicts….they pretend all the while that they love you, that they love their children, then when they get what they want (the money) they will hate you, slander you, defame you, lie about you and punish you for their sins by refusing to speak or communicate…you will be barraged by verbal profanities and name called…they are the real deal Jeckle and Hyde…Screw them, they are truly evil and destroy the lives of their own flesh and blood and leave their families absolutely traumatised.

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      omg, this is so true. I grew up with two psychopathic parents, went on to attract psychopaths and now have three psychopathic grown children whom I gave my heart, soul and money to help them better their lives only to almost died three times while caught up in my grown children ages 25, 31, and 35 games of “gaslighting”. My health has deteriorated to the point where I can hardly get back up one more time. I hope to write a book as I have a photographic memory, in a way to maybe help someone else out their who is being tortured by these most horrible, blood relatives. It is truly incomprehensible to a `normal` person.

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      This is to Lynn actually… if both your parents were “psychopathic” and your 3 children are as well, is there a possibility you might have an issue? Reading what you wrote including the comment about “photographic memory” I wondered if you might be on the Autism spectrum. Experiencing others actions as gaslighting would be accurate for someone with ASD trying to understand others.

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    gaslighting not only occurs from ur partner but also from ur friends that have their conections with ur partner, when u have been gaslighted by more than 1 person u loose all sense of reality, ur instincts get twisted up, ur intuition has no value anymore. now i know that my instincts were correct + my ex’s drug taking was nothing but his smoke screen to the truth, i can walk away knowing the truth of what really happened, learning to trust my intuition and gut instincts again cus they were right all along!

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      This is so true. When the person’s “impression management” is so thorough and defended, and they are especially sophisticated, most others are taken in, and you standing up and saying anything becomes just another source of invalidation.

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    Wow…this has been very helpful. I am currently in a gas lighting relationship to the extreme. We are now at the point where he is 24/7 making me feel like I am dirt on his shoe with every word I speak. I feel so hurt :( I am a sexual abuse survivor and I knew by my reaction of extreme defensive behavior that it was a form of abuse. I just did not know how or what and with time I was blamed so much for everything that I questioned it all and still do. I broke up with him today but I have bi weekly since meeting him 10 months ago. He lures me back Everytime and shows affection and it feels so wonderful, I buy in. Why am I doing this? It’s terrible to see that I don’t have enough self esteem to notice it in its raw state. I have just loved ad supported him and now I feel so hurt and shamed and stupid. How can he have this much power over me? Ugh….I have many things going on in my life and don’t want to face this right now. I have blocked him from work and personal phone. He does have my mothers number though…ugh. The sick part of all of this….I feel that there is something wrong with me and I miss him already and I don’t know how I could.

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    From the inside to the outside

    there are governments in which financial institutions internal culture practice exactly this type of emotional abuse [gaslighting] on their employees, who in turn use it on the clients, who all in turn, bring it home to their families, so that by default it formulates outwards into society as society builds dependency on the structure of these institutions…all in all, its built on the subjugation of care ethic [burning of care at bohemian grove?!] and the demoralization of women and their rights to self-determination because warrior culture has prevailed through violence and inflicting fear, so their legacy is the abuse we have all been living with ever since..

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    See me

    My husband sent me crazy using gaslighting technique. I lost everything, and as I sit here 10 years later, a broken shell of a person, I finally realise there is a name to what he used to do to me. I’m not sure I’ll every be the confident, carefree, strong woman I used to be. One outcome, I know I can’t trust myself in relationships – I don’t ever want to give my power away again.

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      The emotional “beating” manipulators can give us sometimes pales in comparison to the beating up we do on ourselves. Sometimes we blame ourselves for being so blind, for investing so much, for losing so much, etc. The surest way to stay empowered is to counter the temptation to heap blame with ardent self-reinforcement for every single step taken learning to better care for oneself. Simple, but not easy, and ever so crucial to a more vital, empowered life.

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    My ex escalated to physical violence. He apologized, took responsibility and committed to counseling. Too late I learned he called people conning them I assaulted him. Too late I learned he bought books on mental
    illnesses then made up stories to con people setting them up they appear to be guilty of making things up by their promise to not tell he called them.

    My gut informed me that when I asserted fact, when he suddenly try to convince me of things that had not happened he became enraged because it is easy to deceive people long distance.

    I won’t ever forget the day earlier on when I doubted my memories due to what he insisted. I sought a reality check from former neighbors

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      Thanks for sharing this. And while it may indeed have been “later” than you might have wished that you came to the level awareness you did about your ex’s character pathology, hopefully, your current level of awareness will enable you to remain more empowered and informed in future relationships.

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    Susan Henderson

    I live in a Hud owned Co-op where the residents are in positions to use gaslighting techniques. A few of the elderly women are eperiencing someone entering their apartments day and night. One says her abuser is opening up her door in the middle of the night and turning her light on. Another is saying smalls things are taken just to let her know someone was in her apartment. Another went into her apartment and the lampshade was on the floor. Time after time they are dismissed and laughted at even by the company who is responsible for this building. I am trying to read up on this subject so that I can try and give these women their dignity back and to let them no they are not insane as some would have them believe. AFter all I am one of these women. Thank you for taking the time to educated us on this subject.

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      There is a form of dementia called Lewy Bodies where people become paranoid and forget where they put things and think things are being stolen. They also have very fixed beliefs about seeing malicious people, maybe at their door for example, who aren’t there. Sorry but what you describe sounds like a form of dementia.

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      Lou anna

      Hi Susan, technology is a great way to catch any physical gaslighting situations. You can buy motion activated mini cameras fairly cheaply. Most have night time filming capabilities so if anyone is playing games at night the camera will capture it.

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    I had to leave a job my family desperately needed me to have because my employers were gaslighting me – among other things, one manager “didn’t remember” conversations in which he told me others had also complained about another manager’s condescending and rude behavior (2 workers who preceded me there left for the same “mental anguish” reasons), they said I was the problem when I complained about that rudeness and told them I needed it to stop, they said I’d made things very difficult for them, they told me I was just too sensitive… Now I’m consumed with obsessive negative thinking and terrible doubts about my ability to remain strong in the face of manipulative behavior, should it ever occur again. Are there specific things I can chant to myself to try to overcome this anxiety? I wake up with panic attacks in the middle of the night, and have questioned my actions (and theirs, who would be so awful and manipulative, and why…???), so deeply that I fear I may be losing my sanity. I’ve become paranoid and so self doubting that I can’t conceive of a future employment where this doesn’t happen, so am unable to put all my energy into a new job search. Help! Thank you.

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      While I can’t fairly assess or adequately advise with respect to anyone’s particular circumstances from such a distance, I can offer perhaps a comforting thought by pointing to a general principle: At any moment in time you have the absolute power to change a thought from negative in character to positive. That doesn’t mean that negative thoughts will simply disappear and never come back, but you always have the power to change them and to affirm yourself for so doing. That principle governs effective cognitive-behavioral therapy. And while you can do this on your own, should you seek someone’s assistance who operates within the CBT model, they guide and support you in doing that very thing.

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