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    Society plays a big role in placing a person in an unfortunate situation. But is it really the society or us? Why do we let ourselves get into a position that we will only do us harm?

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      Great question, Stuart. I might offer some humble opinions on this. Those with an inflated sense of personal worth and power are likely to do almost anything that ultimately could lead to bad consequence, but because their history of “winning” is a primary contributor to their ego inflation, they have every reason to believe they can and should get away with things. Also, for some, there are insufficient “competing” reasons (i.e. internal inhibitors) such as integrity of image, faithfulness to vows, commitment to principle, etc., to temper their reckless ambition and goal-directed hedonism.

      For awhile, an apathetic society played an “enabling” role as did well-meaning mental health professionals who almost universally trashed the value of shame. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons we have so many with no sense of it anymore. Of course, the mental health community is comfortable with the notion of guilt, just not shame. But in my many years of working with the most seriously disturbed characters, TO A PERSON, real change in their lives came not when they felt bad about things they’d done (many of them felt bad every time they did them – over and over again) but when they could no longer live with the person they’d allowed themselves to become.

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