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“The Oxytocin Made Me Do It! Are Our Hormones In Charge?” Comments, Page 1

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2 Responses to “The Oxytocin Made Me Do It! Are Our Hormones In Charge?”

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    Josiah Hincks

    “The answer seems to me to be simple and devoid of ideology: there is a chemical basis for anything that humans do — or they would be unable to do it.”

    True. BUT the issue is unanswered about whether the Oxytocin is a necessary BASIS for behaviour in general (i.e. it IS necessary only in the sense you need a physical/chemical body to live) or whether its a DETERMINANT of specific behaviours (needs properly proving).

    Any CLAIMS that Oxytocin INEVITABLY leads to “XYZ…” behaviour would seem specious if “chemistry” measurements get conflated with BADLY defined ideas of “behaviour”. These two are not the same level of analysis and it would be a trivial category error to conflate them.

  2. 2

    You raise the interesting question (for me) of the applicability of this kind of research to real life.

    In my view it isn’t applicable.

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