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2 Responses (One Discussion Thread) to “Making and Keeping New Year’s Resolutions”

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    Linda C

    For many years, the resolutions I made were for things I thought I should want, rather than things I actually did want. So, when it came down to making choices, I was trying to operate on sheer willpower, forcing myself to do things I hated to gain benefits I wasn’t sure I truly wanted.

    What works better for me is having a list of concrete goals to accomplish during the year. Instead of “losing 40 pounds,” my goal is to track my food intake every day and attempt to stay within my calorie range. Instead of the usual “get organized,” I will spend one day a week clutter-clearing and organizing until I have gone through all areas of the house at least once.

    Of the eighteen items on my list for 2011, only one is a “should” rather than a “want to.” This is the one I feel I’m least likely to accomplish.

    I will keep track of my progress and reward myself at least once a week for accomplishing my goals.

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      What a great idea, Linda! Here’s hoping you persist in your resolve.

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