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    Hi Dr Simon,

    I was very pleased to see you write about the solstice. I’ve found that when I pay attention to what feels right for me, I am very much in tune with allowing the seasons to dictate times of celebration in the transitions. I find myself looking forward to the solstice or the equinox, rather than whatever holidays have been superimposed over what is naturally occurring. They seem somehow the more significant.

    It reminds me there is an influence within us over which we have no control, but it’s such a lovely influence, why would I ever want it to be anything other than what it is?

    I do love it when you write from this part of yourself.

    Enjoy whatever ritual you chose to honor this passing of time and its timelessness.


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      Thank you, Barbara. Inasmuch as I am inordinately light-sensitive, I’ll begin a sort of psychological celebration of my own on the solstice, knowing that with each day thereafter the days will be getting slightly longer. And I’ll trust the company of family and friends as well as the bonds of friendship and goodwill to brighten and warm the season!

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