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    googluck trying to convince someone else!!!! it can be very stressfull and very easyly be made to look like ur the crazy one. just send some email around about traits annd hopfullky they will be there at the right time for someone who might be going throw the abuse by the same person. its amazing how many pple dont know about this disorder

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    Sacred Self

    I had a boss that was a sociopath. I let slide some of his methods when he was hired thinking he was settling in. Not – he was setting up his domain. I found my staff had issue as well (yes, I was a manager). I took my issues to HR and suggested to my staff that they also talk to HR (about their issues). But it was too late. the staff said nothing and he had been setting up an action against me.
    I left – he did the same to my replacement (that he hired) and the staff just kept complaining.
    Like Gordon says: ensure there are ALWAYS witnesses and get everything in writing.

    Best of luck.

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      I work for a sociopath right now!!! She used to be a receptionist but was given the office manager title when our last boss was transferred to another office. This nut makes my life living Hell and criticizes everything from my hours to my ordering, I work at a Dental Office. I have PTSD and this is making it worse!! I am now looking for another job, can’t take this one more minute!!

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    I have just worked out that my boss is a sociopath and he is an aggressive type. He doesn’t hit people but he can be very hard and verbally abusive. He picks on me a lot as he see’s that I am quite shy and sensitive.
    When I first met him I really liked him and he has a nice face; he is quite handsome. I was surprised, though, at how much I liked him because he can be so hard, but when he isn’t like that we all have a laugh. But I have thought about this and I can see that when he playing about he is really being very sarcastic and it really isn’t that nice. When he gets mad, through, he can be brutal and his face becomes really menacing.
    He makes me feel that whatever I do it is wrong, or that is was in the wrong order, or something, which makes me feel bad all the time, and he is always being hyper critical. He keeps telling me to do this and do that and always changing the goalposts so I can’t possibly get it right. I now realise that he is out for total domination and he wants me squirming on the floor like a lttle worm, as well as be his puppet that he can pull the strings on.
    I actually think this guy is quite capable of murder and I am now really scared of him. I can’t afford to lose my job so I have to stay there but I just won’t upset or challenge him at all anymore.
    Now this is my problem: I could easily prove to some people that he is a psychopath but if he gets wind of it I fear he could become very terrifying indeed. After getting a number of people on board I could then go to managment about him, but the problem is that he is very strong manager and probably impresses them a lot. Also, as he is very charimistic and confident so he does not appear weird, or strange, to most people at all. And the senior managers can be really tough and hard people too.
    He once made a 54 year old man cry after he brutalised him. He has also made a woman cleaner cry too. And when agency workers come to work at my place he can be really mean to them, and one was so upset recently that he couldn’t sleep that night.
    I might be able to get a significant amount of people on my side and gather evidence afterwhich I could go to managment, but if it backfires then I’m toast. He is retiring in two years time so perhaps it is best I say nothing to anyone about what he is.
    What do you think I should do? If I gain good evidence along with other peopl’s testimonies and experiences, should I expose him, or buckle down and bear it? I begining to think the latter is much wiser. Working under him for two more years will be hard, though, and I’m sure he will attempt to fire me anyway, but I now getting so good at my job because the enormous hard work and studying I’m putting (hours of it mostly in my own time) so I don’t think he will be able to fire me. I now know I have met psychopaths before and have worked with them, but he really is the most scariest one I have ever met.

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