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“Busting the Super-Mom Myth: One Mom’s Burnout Prevention” Comments, Page 1

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2 Responses (One Discussion Thread) to “Busting the Super-Mom Myth: One Mom’s Burnout Prevention”

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    Wow, Mom burnout, something I can certainly relate to.
    I think the myth that being a mom to one child vs two or more means you shouldn’t be as tired or that you don’t work as hard annoys me the most.
    Sure, if you have two kids you will have twice the laundry, twice the dishes and twice the crying, but one child has its own problems.
    The short list:
    1. They don’t have anyone to play with.
    2. You always have to hear, “Aren’t you going to have another one?”.
    3. You always have to hear from people with more children say things like, “Well, you only have one child, try having __.”.
    Anyway, that is the myth that bugs me the most!

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      I hear you. Motherhood = more work, no matter how many kids you have. Thank goodness, motherhood also = more hugs to make it all worth it on the worst days.

      Thank you for your comment! Here’s to a window of downtime opening up for you :)

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