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“Terrible Twos and Toddler Tantrums — Tough Even On Grandpa” Comments, Page 1

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4 Responses (2 Discussion Threads) to “Terrible Twos and Toddler Tantrums — Tough Even On Grandpa”

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    Very funny. The hitting, limit testing and constant use of the word “NO!” from a demonic two year old is sure to make parents to wonder what type of person this “thing” will become. Will he/she unleash terror upon classmates, teachers, society? I can safely say if you don’t lose your temper and set loving firm boundaries (no matter what) you can relax……it’s just a phase. This terror will turn into the most loving thoughtful smiling four year old and then you will think to yourself, ” It wasn’t that bad.” ….maybe we should have another one…….

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      I guess you can relate, huh Kallie? And thanks for the encouragement. I actually did get through this before with my own children, and they turned out okay……er, at least I think they did! Anyway, Grandpa will continue to grin and bear it and to deal with the shame of being at least partly responsible (through incessant spoiling) for creating a (hopefully temporary) monster.

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    “But every so often, without warning, and for seemingly no obvious reason, this adorable child turns into the living incarnation of Satan.”

    Thanks for this sentence George – made my morning!!!!!!!! I have a three and a half year old – it still happens. Most memorably on planes.

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      Hi, Sarah. I’m glad you had a chuckle or two. They seem to have “radar” for when we’re in the most vulnerable position, too, don’t they? Does your’s give you that “devilish” grin?

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