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Ali Rantakari Integrates Our AppleScript Into Free Tagger Application

For Mac users trying out OpenMeta tagging, the news just keeps getting better.

Photo by Tagger - //
Photo by Tagger -

This is just a quick update to our article from just last week about a free way for Mac users to add OpenMeta tags to email messages (see “Tagging Mail for Mac Users: Get Mail Tags for Free With Tagger”): Ali Rantakari, author of the popular Tagger, has integrated our AppleScript solution straight into the application itself.

So, there’s no longer any need for our script — it’s now built into version 1.0 of Tagger, released today!

Many thanks to Ali Rantakari for such a super-speedy update to his application, which remains entirely free. To me, this is a great testament to how well (and how quickly) open source software development can progress.

Thanks again, Ali! And if you’re a Mac user interested in OpenMeta tagging, what are you waiting for?!