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Two Software Reviews, and Some Funky Facts About Greg

There’s a trio of updates for today: we review Leap for Mac, offering tagging superpowers; we review Versions for Mac, which can connect you up to the time machine that is Subversion; and we reveal a few funky facts about the site’s founder and editor.

Photo by Ironic Software - //
Photo by Ironic Software -

You might have noticed that we’re nearly 10 months into 2009 now. I’ve been on sabbatical (from providing online counselling services) for all that time, but I’m still only now getting to some of the things I thought for sure I’d complete in the first half of the year. So with an obligatory ‘where did all the time go?’, here’s a trio of updates for today:

  • Review of Leap for Mac: The latest version of Ironic Software’s Leap helps tagging live up to its hype as a solution for making sense of your collection of digital data, whatever it might be: combine OpenMeta-based tagging with the Mac’s built-in Spotlight, and you may have all you need to keep track of it all. Although this review is written from the perspective of private practice, in fact the software is probably useful to anybody who has a mountain of digital data they’re struggling to keep organised.
  • Review of Versions for Mac: The version control system known as Subversion brings great power, and with great power comes great hassle and complexity and annoyance. At least, that’s been my experience — but no longer. Thanks to the imaginatively-named Versions, Mac users have a graphical Subversion client that does things ‘the Mac way': Subversion just works. This review is written specifically for folks who might need to interact with Subversion repositories, which might include things like bodies of research data, website files, programming projects, and more. (I’ve used it to manage code for the WordPress plugins we publish here at for other bloggers.)
  • Trivia, Minutiae and Funky Facts About Greg Mulhauser: Back in 2003, someone suggested that I put a list of ‘fun facts’ about myself here on the site, and it’s taken me more than 6 years to get around to doing it. So here are a few semi-random things about my life either that I’ve found particularly interesting, or that other people have sometimes found interesting or just plain silly.

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