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1000 Questions for ‘Ask the Psychologist’

Nineteen months and countless hours later, our Ask the Psychologist service today publishes Dr Carver’s reply to the 1000th question answered since the service launched in May 2007.

Today we’ve posted our 1000th reply from Dr Carver over in the ‘Ask the Psychologist’ section of the site: My Brother is Suicidal Over Wife with Bipolar Disorder.

Since launching the ‘Ask the Psychologist’ service in May of 2007, we’ve published replies on all types of questions, from funny and light-hearted to the deadly serious. We frequently receive feedback telling us how helpful Dr Carver’s replies have been, and how much questioners or their families have appreciated his answers. On a few occasions, Dr Carver may literally have saved someone’s life by identifying potentially life-threatening medical issues of which the questioner was previously unaware.

On behalf of all of us at, and on behalf of well over 1000 readers who have submitted questions to the service, I’d like to thank Dr Carver for all his hard work, and I’d like to thank all our readers for your continued interest and for your willingness to share your questions with us!

Will your question be number 1001?

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