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4 Responses to “Goodbye for Now: My Blogging Experiences”

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    Hi Sarah,
    You probably were one of the first bloggers I ever read. I actually just am a newbie at this… I remember reading a couple of your articles and just saying I like her. I wish I could meet her…. I loved your topics and the fun you had with it. A light and open feeling to your writing! Thanks for the induction! And the list of other sites. Thanks!

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    Hello Sarah,

    I was sorry to learn you are discontinuing (or only suspending?) your blog activities on this site. Although I did not often comment, I read your entries quite often.

    On an unrelated subject, I have noted that you are living in Poland, and I wondered if you have had any experience with the issue of “euro orphans” mentioned in the following article:,0,970936.story

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    Hi there Diane and Gabriella,

    thanks for your comments -makes me all warm inside!

    I am still around the site (or next door at!) and I plan to post sporadically, we’ll see how things go. At the moment I am pretty busy…

    It was interesting to read about ‘euro orphans’ as a social phenomenon, there are so many people working abroad that I had totally taken that for granted!It is everywhere. It is not a new thing either, so many of my adult clients are suffering from long absences of a parent in their youth. Of course the extended family is stronger here and leaving kids with grandparents seems normal, but still, the effects are widespread and run deep.

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    Hello Sarah,

    It is very interesting to learn that this situation is so common in Poland as to be taken for granted. I have previously read of the “barrel children” in the Caribbean (; but living in the U.S., the “euro orphan” phenomena in Poland was news to me.

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