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Eat Your Projections: Yum!

So our irritation with someone else is just our irritation with ourselves? Sometimes this is the case, but sometimes they really are being irritating! Should we eat our own projections?

Short and to the point, this interesting and amusing blog post urges you to eat your projections.

The general principle is that when something irritates us (or worse) in someone else, if we look into ourselves we are bound to find that very same thing. When we feel angry with that person we are just finding a safe place for the anger we feel towards ourselves.

Which is, the blogger reminds us, “not cool”. We tend to pass the bad feelings on, and they tend to multiply, jamming up the world with a lot of bad feeling that could have been dispersed at the start by looking at ourselves and acting. As we should all know by now, in theory at least, the only person (whose actions) we can change is ourselves!

I have a couple of caveats, though — firstly that it is not always the case that our anger with someone else is our own displaced anger against ourselves. Sometimes other people do things which are “not cool”.

Secondly — is eating this stuff really a good idea? May this not even be, dare I say it, what some eating disorders are about?

Maybe better to spot the projections and then act on them. To not be that irritating person. To do what we want to do and through that, be what we want to be.

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