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2 Responses to “Gratitude, the Great Mood Lifter”

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    I agree with you. I try to keep all of my session in a positive light and it helps.

    I would like to see more people take more intrest in the positive thing in their life and grow with it.

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    Diane Johnson

    Live in a state of gratitude….. Yummy! One of my favorite meditations is from Nithyananda. You start from the moment you were born and send love and gratitude to everyone in the room the doctors the staff, your parents and family get detailed, get deeper, say thank you to everyone who works to make sure your existence happened. Keep going with this meditation to the present. practise this meditation and it will change you in ways you’ve never imagined….
    Next time your walking somewhere focus on sending peace love for those who will be walking next….. Thich Nan. Buddhist)Sory can’t spell it !
    Or say to yourself Jesus loves me I am a child of God…Thank You God!!

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