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“Shire Recalls Daytrana ADHD Patches in ‘Voluntary Market Withdrawal’” Comments, Page 2

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16 Responses to “Shire Recalls Daytrana ADHD Patches in ‘Voluntary Market Withdrawal’”

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    myson is thirteen and has struggled in the past with swallowing the pills that he was taling for his adhd, so when i heard about the daytrana patch i was thrilled until i had to peel one off:( it was a nightmare for me. I’m just glad to know that i wasn’t the problem and i to think that some of the medication is coming off with the backing not to mention that it then won’t stay put after it has been applied and i can’t afford to waste medication.

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    Lisa Beard

    Our 9yr old son was diagnosed with ADHD and we started on the Daytrana patches. We went that route because of the ease of being able to take it off and the medicine wear off.

    We had issues with peeling the backing off of the batch of 10mg patches that we started with, and I too, thought it was just me. We have had better success with the 15mg patches. I just thought we had a bad batch. Being a nurse, I know that can happen with certain medications and manufacturers.

    Our son likes the patch because he has some control of it and he doesn’t have to swallow it. We do have battles when he has to take a pill of any sort. He removes the patch when he gets to his after school program so that it is not on too late. With the first doses, we had to trial the removal time to get adequate coverage and adequate sleep.

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    I’ve only been on the Daytrana patch for a short time. It is a nightmare to put on considering the backing doesn’t peel easily. I thought the manufacturer recalled these patches to fix the problem? If it weren’t for the trouble putting them on I would be completely satifsfied with the patches and the results. I’m going to talk to my doctor because if this is going to be a new battle each and every day it is not worth it. Besides half the time the medicine comes off anyways. There’s got to be a better system they can come up with. If Nicoderm can make it easy for their people who wish to quit smoking to put their patch on you’d think Shire could figure something out to help their valued customers?

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    I was wondering when the patch was going to be on the market again. My pharmacy told me that they do not know when the Daytrana Patch will be available in order to fufill my precription. Do you know when it will be available?

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    Here is a simple hint to getting the patch on easily. Place the patch in the freezer for about 30 seconds. This allows the patch to easily be removed and then it will stick easily to the skin once applied. Hope this helps

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    We recently received a prescription for Daytrana for our daughter. The backing on the patch was defective. We tried three different ones all with the same result. The protective backing could not be removed without damaging the patch and the adhesive. Very frustrating. At an average of $180 per prescription for a medication that can be had for $10 in pill form, it seems like they could find a cheap solution. If Nicoderm can do it, why can’t the makers of Daytrana?

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