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“Shire Recalls Daytrana ADHD Patches in ‘Voluntary Market Withdrawal’” Comments, Page 1

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16 Responses to “Shire Recalls Daytrana ADHD Patches in ‘Voluntary Market Withdrawal’”

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    I have to say i absolutly love this patch. It has done wonders for my son. But i have a big problem, Now that the patch has been recalled there is no one in town that has any. My son has backslided so much just in the two weeks he hasn’t been on it. The doc scribed ritalin for him but that dont even effect him at all. But back on subject… I been trying to find out when and if they will be sending out new batches for it. All the pharmicies in town have no idea and i can’t find any info on the net except that it has been recalled. I called Shire today to ask them and the lady that answered was very rude and didn’t even want to talk to me since i wasnt’ a docter or phramicy. I was told by her that there was no recall on it and to have a good day as she hung up on me. If anyone could find this out for me it would be greatly appriciated. I’m in Mountain Home Idaho and my son is on the 10mg patches. Thank you Lila

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    Terri Sandidge

    I also love the Daytrana patch. Since my 9yr. old daughter was put on it she has not experienced any canker sores in her mouth like she use to get while taking Concerta. I have found that if you put the patches in the refridgerator the backs come off with ease…. will pharmacies be able to obtain the new patches shortly?

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    I have found that the pharmacies where I live already have the new patches in stock. My experience though is that they are still very difficult to peel, and I think that some of the medication comes off when I’ve had to struggle with the backing.

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    My son is 11 and has been using this patch for about 3 weeks now and it has done wonders for him!! With in 2 days his teachers and dean told me what a huge difference there was. Not only is he able to focus-he stays focused! He’s doing his homework without a fight, he even starts it himself! He puts the patch on at 7am and takes in off about 330 everyday. The only times that I have noticed a really red rash has been when its hot outside. Now, where we live its starting to get very cool out and we are not having any trouble.
    We have had home problems with peeling the plastic off-but not enough to get frustrated. The difference is HUGE for him and if I have a litte trouble getting that plastic off-its totally worth it for us.

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    My son 11 yrs old has been on Daytrana 10mg since the begining of the school year (sep 07) and what an improvement. No homework struggle his teachers are giving positive feed backs. The only problem is that we noticed “increased blinking” we called his Dr and he says it is a side affect and should fade with time. I just received a called from CVS stating that the patch has been recalled but she seemed to think that it was only the 10mg. If anyone has heard anything pls write in.

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    I just called Daytrana and they gave me this #1800-420-2719 its for a Pharmacy finder. They will find a pharmacy in your area that has it in stock. Good Luck and take your time peeling off the backing.


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    Susan Jasolosky

    Hi, My 9 yr. old son started using the patches yesterday. I’m so glad I went to this site as I really felt I was doing something wrong when peeling the backing off. They peel off completely, but it’s not an easy peel off, also some of the medication is left on the backing. The lot and expiration are not part of the voluntary recall. Since we’re still having difficulty I guess Shire hasn’t come up with a solution. Also my son’s back is quite red when the patch is removed and the glue from the patch leaves a square imprint. I used baby oil on a tissue and gently rubbed the area and the glue did come off and the reddness is getting lighter. I will try storing the patches in the refrigerator and see if it helps with the peeling process. Thank you for your advice.

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    My son is 10years old and began using Daytrana last year and yes it was very difficult to peel at first, we used a blow dryer to warm the back and it just slips off. He can now even put his patch on himself.
    The morning battles have cease and it is now a beautiful day for us all. The recall is for Exp 03/2009 and earlier there is even a lot# with a 25 series. I entered “Has Daytrana been recalled?” on the net and got all my questions answer. This is truly the best meds he has taken. I also agree the redness is something we can work with. Good luck Moms

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    I worry about putting it in the refrigerator or heating with a hair dryer, because the temperature storage range is 59-86*F.

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    We struggled with time release pills and found the patch to be our “miracle support” for our son. The Shire company is very helpful too. If you ever have an issue, get the customer support number and they are extremely personable.

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